Why is the DEA’s new ‘heb’ pharmacy in a rural district of Detroit a big deal?

The drugstore chain that opened in a small rural Detroit suburb last year has become a big news story for some local officials because of its low-cost and low-volume pricing.

But its main purpose has been to serve the elderly and low income people in the area.

The pharmacy, called Havas Pharmacy, was initially opened by the Detroit Free Press newspaper, which published a story about it in late October.

The chain, which has been selling a variety of prescription drugs, including the painkiller Percocet, the antidepressant Zoloft and other non-prescription medications, had a total of 14 pharmacies in Detroit.

But in November, the Free Press published an article detailing the chain’s low-price, high-volume approach to pharmacy business. 

“The pharmacy was supposed to be for the elderly.

The people that have no insurance and can’t get a prescription, or they can’t pay for it, the pharmacy was meant to be there for them,” said resident Alissa Fuchs, who asked not to be named because she is not allowed to talk to the media about the pharmacy. 

The pharmacy opened in an area that was once a hub for the Detroit Red Wings hockey team, according to the Free Poynter website.

But now the district is being targeted by a new drug company called Havamax Pharmaceuticals. 

Havamax owns a variety (some say, all) of the drugs that Havas sells in the Detroit area. 

Its drugstores sell a variety, including generic versions of Perc, Oxycontin and others, along with some brand-name drugs that are cheaper and cheaper. 

According to the company’s website, its aim is to provide “access to affordable and safe prescription medications for the health care needs of those living in rural areas.” 

The company has a website called Havastax Pharmaceutical, where it advertises a variety brand-names, including Perc and Oxycontin, and other generic versions. 

But one of the drugstore’s drugs, Zolox, is the most expensive at $13,800 a pill. 

That drug, along a generic version of Percia, costs $9,300 a pill, according the company. 

When asked why the pharmacy, which was initially built in a community that is home to more than 300,000 people, had so many of its drugs priced at a lower price, a Havas spokesperson said that the price was a combination of factors. 

They were trying to lower costs and also make sure that the people in that community had access to quality care, said the spokesperson. 

As the Detroit news story has continued to be published, the Havas pharmacy has become the focus of some local and national news outlets. 

On Monday, The Associated Press reported that the chain was the target of a criminal investigation by the DEA, which is looking into allegations that it has falsified its records. 

 Hazamax declined to comment on the AP’s report. 

(The AP does not name companies it believes have committed crimes to protect their privacy, so we will not identify them for this story.) 

In a statement provided to local media outlets, Havas CEO, Jeffery Stelmach, said: The Detroit Free Prescriber Group has no role in this matter. 

Stelmachek said that Havamox was not aware of the allegations, and the company is cooperating with the investigation. 

He said the company does not currently have plans to expand its pharmacy in the district. 

There are a few other pharmacy chains that offer similar low-priced and high-capacity prices. 

These chains have also faced scrutiny by regulators. 

In April, a group of Detroit residents filed a class action lawsuit against a number of the chain pharmacies in a state court in Michigan, alleging they had overcharged patients. 

One of the plaintiffs, who was charged with the felony of overcharging, said in a press release that he was forced to buy the drugs because his insurance company didn’t cover them. 

Another plaintiff, who is in the process of getting his drug insurance, said she was charged too much for the same medication. 

Other companies, like Havas, are also under scrutiny by the government. 

Earlier this month, the Department of Health and Human Services sent letters to several large drugstore chains seeking to identify their practices and determine whether they are complying with the Controlled Substances Act. 

This is not the first time Havas has been under scrutiny for its practices. 

A group of residents in Detroit’s Grand Rapids neighborhood, who are part of the Detroit Alliance for Health Care Access, also filed a lawsuit against the chain in September, alleging that Havos was not complying with state laws requiring the chain to treat Medicare patients with dignity and respect. If the


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