Pharmacy degree: Dublin city market pharmacy degree

A Dublin city pharmacy degree has been offered to young people who want to work in the health sector.

More than 300 students were awarded a pharmacy degree at the new Dublin city school last year.

They have a choice of one year or two years in the industry and can study from September.

The course, which was designed for young people aged between 16 and 25, is one of the biggest courses in the country to encourage further pharmacy training.

The university is also offering courses for people who have had to stop their studies and come to the UK.

A spokesperson said the programme had a huge impact on the country’s healthcare sector, with more than 600 people being offered pharmacy degrees last year, including two thirds from outside the EU.

“We want to provide a pathway for people to go on to be working in the healthcare sector in Ireland,” the spokesperson said.

The programme aims to “help people who may not have been able to pursue further study to take the first steps towards furthering their education in the pharmaceutical industry”, the spokesperson added.

Dublin City School said the Pharmacy Degree Programme was “designed to give young people a shot in the arm in the pharma sector” and help them get further in their career.

“The opportunity to study in the UK is great and we think it’s a good way to help young people get into the UK, so that they can get further and further in the profession,” the spokeswoman added.

The Pharmacy College at the Dublin City School opened in 2014, and it has since attracted more than 300 applicants.

It is now offering a pharmacy course at the city college to encourage young people to study further.

The spokeswoman said the course would provide the opportunity for the students to “learn from the world’s leading experts in their field” and gain experience in a “competitive and challenging environment”.

“We’re really proud of the way we’ve helped to prepare them for a future in healthcare,” she added.


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