New Zealand to ban the use of antibiotics in dairy products after New Zealand’s coronavirus outbreak

New Zealand has banned the use and distribution of antibiotics used to treat certain types of bacterial infections, and also announced it will stop the use or supply of certain antibiotics in milk and milk products.

The country is the first in the world to ban its use of such drugs after the coronaviruses first emerged in New Zealand in 2014.

New Zealand has reported more than 100 cases of coronaviremia, the most recent of which occurred in October.

It is also the first country to impose mandatory mandatory labelling of food and milk product manufacturers.

In a statement on Friday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she has been advised by the country’s Health Minister to “immediately ban the importation and use of some antibiotics, particularly for livestock, and that we should ensure that the products are not sold, sold in, sold to or used for human consumption”.

“It is not acceptable to allow people to be exposed to these antibiotics, and it’s not acceptable for a country that is leading the world in the fight against the coronovirus to allow these medicines to be imported and sold,” she said.

“It’s a huge step for New Zealand, a step towards a stronger and more sustainable future for New Kiwis.

We are working very closely with our Food Safety Authority, the Food and Veterinary Inspection Authority and the Food Processing Industry Safety Authority.”

Ardern told reporters in New York that she will soon be visiting the US and Mexico to discuss the situation with US officials.

She also said the country will work with US regulators to ensure that all food imported from the US meets all standards.

Ardson’s government has been criticised for not doing enough to halt the spread of the coronvirus.

Her government has already suspended imports of certain food products from the UK, the United States and Canada.

Food and drink are among the top industries to be affected by the coronavalavirus, which has claimed thousands of lives in New England and the US.

Most of New Zealand is experiencing a mild coronaviral outbreak.


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