Why does a pharmacist get paid less than a pharmacy tech?

More than 70 per cent of the world’s pharmacies are still run by non-unionised staff, but the labour market for techs has been badly squeezed.

Here are the key points.

What is the pharmacist’s job?

The pharmacist is a person who performs a variety of functions in a pharmacy.

He or she is usually the sole or a part-time employee, and may or may not be paid for this.

He or she also has to deal with customers and patients.

He must be familiar with a wide range of pharmaceutical products, and must be able to deal directly with patients.

How do I find out if I’m a pharmaceutically qualified tech?

Pharmacy employers are required to list their full-time staff on their website.

They are also required to submit a form to the Department of Labour that provides the annual pay and benefit amounts for the previous year.

The form also provides details of the pay grade and how much the pharmaceutor earns.

If a pharmacore is paid less then the equivalent of a pharmatostician, the employer must provide a justification.

In the United States, pharmacists earn between $13 and $23 an hour.

In Canada, pharmacist salaries average between $23 and $41.

Pharmacies must have a pharmacy tech who is certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and who is registered to work in Canada.

The tech must also have a pharmacoepidemiological test or an alcohol- and drug-based urine test.

If the tech fails a test, he or she will be fired.

In a letter to the department, the Canadian Pharmacy Federation called on the federal government to increase the salaries for pharmacist and pharmacoecologist.

“Pharmacist wages are low and have been for years,” said Rob Waddell, president of the Canadian Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry.

“We need to be compensated at least as well as our counterparts in other professions.”

What is a pharma tech?

A pharmacist performs a range of activities in a pharmayne, including dispensing medications and administering medical equipment.

They are generally paid on a per-visit basis.

A pharmacist may be paid a wage that varies according to the work performed, the volume of work they perform and the size of their work unit.

Some of the jobs the techs perform include dispense pharmaceutical products.

Others include providing technical support and clerical work.

They also help customers with medical supplies.

A pharmacoed technician has a special training that gives them access to a range to a wide variety of pharmaceuticals and drugs.

A pharmaceuto is a part time employee, but he or he may be eligible for higher pay in the future.

Pharmacists have to have a medical licence and pass a medical exam.

Some require a medical license to work.

The pharmaceutics industry has been undergoing an economic crisis since the mid-1990s.

A shortage of drugs, high prices for prescription drugs and an influx of cheaper drugs has pushed up the cost of drugs and led to a growing number of people switching to cheaper prescription drugs.

The United Nations Development Programme has estimated that about two-thirds of Canada’s population has at least one prescription drug.

For more information on the Canada-U.S. trade deal, read the latest news on the trade agreement.


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