The Next Great TV Show: The Big Bang Theory airs on Netflix, AMC and other streaming sites [EXCLUSIVE]

It’s the year 2020, and the universe has expanded exponentially.

This is no longer just the 21st century.

This, after all, is the era of the Big Bang, a groundbreaking television show that spawned the universe we see today.

The Big Busters is now streaming on Netflix and on Amazon Prime Instant Video, as well as on AMC.

Its episodes are produced by Amy Sherman-Palladino, and are the first scripted series on the streaming services to include the voice talents of Amy Sherman, Amy Sedaris, Joe Mantegna, and Melissa Leo.

(As the name suggests, the show has a Big Bang twist.)

The Big Bang was created by the minds behind Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Modern Family.

It is also a perfect example of the power of a Netflix show to change your life.

In the original pilot, a young woman named Amanda is a single mom with three young children.

She’s a high-school dropout who makes $50,000 a year, but she’s a full-time mom when she needs it.

When her father passes away, she has no money to support her children, so she goes back to work.

It’s a perfect situation for Amanda to make a career out of it, and she does.

She gets paid $1,200 to sit in a cubicle at a tech company, then she starts a small startup to take care of her family.

After she has three children, she’s hired as a tech employee at an internet company.

The business is called Big Bang Pharma, and Amanda has been hired as the president of the company.

Amanda starts to find that her life is not as glamorous as it seemed, but it’s still a pretty good job.

She is also pretty miserable, so it’s time to try something different.

She starts out in a booth at the big, new technology company, but by the time she’s on her first day, she realizes she’s doing a lot more than she thought she would be doing.

She ends up in a meeting with a senior executive who tells her she needs to bring in another female employee, so Amanda goes up to her and says she can make it happen.

The rest of the first season of Big Bang is the same, with Amanda making a ton of money, becoming more famous and becoming the face of the new tech company.

She even gets to be the star of a movie that will be released later this year.

The newbie takes a chance on her, but her company’s CEO and co-founder don’t believe she deserves the job.

They ask her if she wants to quit.

And so Amanda takes a gamble, leaving the job she’s always dreamed of, but one she feels she’s been dreaming of for years.

After years of making a lot of money at a company she loves, Amanda is offered a job at a startup called “Big Bang Pharma,” and is able to take the first step in her life.

She joins the team of a female employee who is also pregnant with her first child.

Amanda gets a new name, a new position and a new boss.

In her new life, Amanda has to work as a full time mom, while also balancing work and family.

She learns the hard way that the best job you can have is the one you love.

The first half of the season is about Amanda finding her place in the world, and working at a new startup with a new company CEO.

Her experience with the other team members makes her an ideal fit for the team, and her success is a huge surprise to her co-workers.

The second half of season two takes a more realistic look at Amanda’s day-to-day life, which is more complicated than the first half.

The show starts to explore the idea that not everyone gets to succeed at the end of the day, and that sometimes hard work and dedication will make you a better person in the end.

But even though she’s at a big tech company with a big company CEO, she still finds it hard to get her life together.

She struggles with her weight, and sometimes gets sick.

Her husband, an ex-cop, has a breakdown, and he has to leave his wife.

Amanda tries to get him back on track, but things don’t go as planned.

The family is split up, and one of her new coworkers has a heart attack.

The next day, Amanda goes back home to take a break from work.

The team members think it’s an isolated case of mental illness, but Amanda’s ex-boyfriend is also in the hospital.

The rest of season three follows Amanda through the rest of her day-by-day in order to figure out why her life hasn’t improved since her first job.

But the show also asks us to question Amanda’s motives, because the way she treats her coworkers and her family have never been


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