Safeway Pharmacy: Your guide to the store

It’s a quiet Saturday afternoon, and you’re heading to the Safeway pharmacy in the suburb of Arlington, Virginia.

You arrive in the back of the store and walk up the stairs to the pharmacy.

A staff member is waiting for you to fill out a prescription.

You walk in and fill out your prescription.

The pharmacist asks you to step inside.

As you walk up, you notice a large display of pharmacy supplies.

There are boxes of medication and syringes, along with the items you need.

You notice that a number of these items are displayed in different colors.

You step inside and the staff member gives you a check for $6.00.

“You’ll be getting the best pharmacy technician training you’ve ever received in the whole world!” says the staff person.

The employee looks at you.

“I’m glad you like me,” he says.

“But I’m a pharmacy technician!”

You turn to the staff to explain your situation.

“No one in this world can take my training, because I’m not a doctor.

I’m just a pharmacist.

I work at a pharmacy to make sure the pharmacy’s working properly.

If it doesn’t, they’ll be in the hospital!”

“It sounds really simple,” the staff employee says, “but I don’t know how easy it is to learn it.

I can’t even find a course on the internet.”

You look at the staff and wonder if you should have gone with a more expensive pharmacy technician.

“There are a lot of online courses for people like me, but I just don’t want to waste my time on something that is just not working out,” you say.

“If I have to pay to take the courses, I’m going to be the one who wastes my time.

I don�t want to be in a situation where I�ve to spend my time training people who don’t need my help.

It�s not worth it.”

“You�re not a qualified person,” the employee responds.

“Yes, I am, but not a trained pharmacist,” you reply.

The staff person says that if you don�tt want to take his course, you can just go to another store.

The next day, you return to the clinic and check the prescriptions you filled.

The drug you bought was labeled with the pharmacy technician name and number.

You take a look at your prescription and notice the medication is labeled as having an antibiotic, but the drug is labeled with an antibiotic resistance.

You look up the manufacturer and you find out that the manufacturer of the drug had changed the labeling on their pills.

The pharmacy technician is checking the drug you ordered and the drugs side effects.

“How can I be certain that I don���t have a side effect?” you ask.

“Because I�m a pharmanist,” the technician replies.

“That�s a really important part of the course,” he explains.

The technician checks all the medications side effects, including the medication you ordered.

“Is it safe for me to take this medication?” you inquire.

“Absolutely not!” he says, and hands you the pill.

“It�s really not safe for you, so I�ll call the pharmacy.”

You call the number listed on the prescription.

“What�s the price?” the staff man asks.

“Not much,” you respond.

“The price is just what I need for the training.

That�s it.

You ask for a copy of the training course and he says that he can send you a copy.

You turn around and walk out of the pharmacy without taking the course.

The next day at work, you check your email and see that a request has been placed to complete the course at a different pharmacy.

You go to the location, take your medication, and the pharmacy assistant fills out the prescription for you.

You can tell that the pharmacy did a good job by the fact that you paid the full cost of the medicine.

You decide to take a different course, but this time, the training is at a store. “

This is not a training course for a qualified pharmacist, it�s for a person who wants to get the most out of their pharmacy experience,” said the pharmacologist.

You decide to take a different course, but this time, the training is at a store.

When you go to your local pharmacy, you find a pharmacy employee handing out the course materials.

“Do you have a pharmacy supervisor?” the pharmacist says, to which you reply that I do.

You have a nurse check up on you and ask if you need help.

You answer that yes, I need help to prepare the medications for your appointment.

The nurse leaves the pharmacy and walks over to you.

She takes your medications, checks your prescription, and gives you your medication.

You return the medications to the nurse and take your medications


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