New York City’s first pharmacy opens on East Village street


— A New York pharmacy will open its doors this week on East St. Paul Street, just north of Fifth Avenue.

“We’ve been talking to neighbors who live on the street and have been trying to get some kind of business here for a while,” said Sarah Miller, president of the New York-based pharmacy.

This is our second pharmacy in New York and it’s very unique because it has a huge amount of specialty medicine, a lot of different kinds of specialty products, but we are also doing a lot in a small space.

It will be a very good fit for a family physician who wants to bring patients in.

The first pharmacy opened in New Jersey in 2011, but it took several years to gain momentum, Miller said.

It was one of the first pharmacies in the country to open up in a neighborhood, and it is a great fit for us because it’s close to our medical offices and we are the only one that has a pharmacy in a community, she said.

New York City is a big city with a lot to offer, said John T. Moseley, president and CEO of New York’s Health Department.

He said there are about 5,000 pharmacies in New England and he said that’s a very small number compared to the number of people who live in New Yorkers.

We are just providing that service.” “

It’s not like a big-box store that you buy products, it’s not a big chain pharmacy.

We are just providing that service.”

This pharmacy is not the only addition to the East Village neighborhood.

Miller said that the pharmacy will be open for a couple of weeks to accommodate residents who don’t want to use the streets or have to walk.

The first pharmacy was opened in 2013, and there are more to come.

For more information about the East St Paul Street pharmacy visit:


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