Kaiser Permanente’s ‘dire’ shortage of drugs

An investigation by The Verge found that a key drugmaker that makes Kaiser Pemanente’s emergency contraception, OraMed, is running out of its supply.

A report by the company’s research arm found that the company has only a limited supply of the medication that is widely used in the emergency contraception market.

The problem: In October, Kaiser Pemenente announced that it had begun selling Ora Med to its customers.

The report, which was published on Monday, also found that Kaiser Pamaniente’s emergency contraceptive drug, ORA, is far from the first drug to have a shortage of supplies.

In May, the company reported that it ran out of some of its own emergency contraceptive pills.

Kaiser Pemaniente has had a tough year, especially after it was revealed that it was shipping a defective contraceptive implant that had caused several women to miscarry.

In the report, researchers from the University of Michigan analyzed the drug’s distribution, and found that it is “a critical lifeline for the nation’s emergency contraceptives.”

The problem?

In November, Kaiser announced that its emergency contraception supply had become “dire.”

The report found that there are no immediate plans to make more of Ora, but that the drugmaker was trying to increase production capacity to meet demand.

But as it turns out, there are problems with the way the drug is being manufactured.

According to the report’s authors, the drugs are being made at a facility in Virginia that has “low manufacturing capacity” and has “poor quality control procedures.”

The researchers said that Kaiser’s inability to increase its manufacturing capacity, combined with the lack of testing and manufacturing facilities, makes Ora a “serious concern.”

In a statement, Kaiser said: “We are working to increase our manufacturing capacity to ensure that we are manufacturing the medication at the same level as the U.S. market.”

Karen D. Oates, an assistant professor of pharmacy and biological sciences at the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy, told The Verge that the study highlights the need for a change in how drugs are manufactured.

“The drug industry is a very hierarchical organization,” she said.

“There are very few rules and procedures for the manufacturing of drugs.

There’s really no regulation for safety testing or quality control.”

In an email, the Kaiser Pameledue said that its manufacturing process has improved since it announced the emergency contraceptive shortage.

“We’ve learned a lot since we first announced the shortages,” it said.

Karen Oates also noted that Kaiser is a pharmaceutical company.

“If you look at the ingredients in a drug, the process is very similar to what we do as pharmaceutical companies.

There are a lot of ingredients involved in making a drug.

The only difference is the pharmaceutical company uses it in the U and overseas.”

The Kaiser report also revealed that Ora has been used by emergency contraception users for decades, but the drug maker is “not currently seeing sustained demand for Ora.”

“Our clinical trials have been well-conducted and we’ve seen strong benefit to emergency contraception in our trials,” Kaiser said.

But while the report raises serious questions about how Ora is being used, the FDA hasn’t done much to regulate the drug.

While the agency has tried to curb the sale of the emergency contraceptives, the Food and Drug Administration has taken a different approach.

Despite the fact that ORA has been sold at pharmacies for decades and has been shown to reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy, the agency hasn’t issued an order requiring the drug to be sold in emergency contraception pills.

The FDA said that the FDA would not issue an order mandating emergency contraception use.

“The agency does not regulate the prescription drug industry, nor does it require drugmakers to follow FDA prescription drug rules,” the agency said in a statement.


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