A bipartisan bill could be introduced to repeal Obamacare

GOP leaders have a bill that would repeal Obamacare, and they want to make it more palatable for the American public.

But they’re not saying it aloud.

Instead, they’re trying to find a way to get the proposal to President Donald Trump.

The bill has been described as the first step toward repealing the Affordable Care Act, a move that would also remove funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.

The bill would also take away federal funding for Planned Parenthood and allow states to ban abortion.

The move would also make it harder for states to pass laws that would restrict abortion access.

The Senate GOP has held the measure hostage in the hopes of gaining more support.

And the president has been pushing to keep the bill alive, even after he’s said he would not sign it.

The White House and GOP leaders said the legislation was crafted with input from the president and members of Congress.

But they’ve said the president did not push for it.

They’ve also been reluctant to share the details of the legislation with reporters, which is why Republicans have not been able to explain it in more detail.

The House bill would repeal the Affordable Health Care Act and replace it with a plan that would give states more control over Medicaid, the health insurance program for low-income Americans.

States would be allowed to opt out of providing coverage to some of their residents, such as those with pre-existing conditions.

States would also be allowed more flexibility in the way they use federal money, allowing them to provide some coverage to certain groups of people.

And they would be able to cap how much money they spend on health care services.

The proposal would also repeal many of the requirements in the ACA, such the requirement that everyone in the country get insurance or pay a penalty.

It would also allow employers to keep some of the money they give to their workers if they make too much money.

The GOP bill would have the federal government pay for the expansion of Medicaid, though it would only cover about 25 percent of the population.

And Republicans have argued that they can do better for low income people by making it easier for them to get coverage.


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