How to use the pharmacy discount Card

There’s a pharmacy discountcard you can use to buy discounted drugs, medical supplies, and more!

This is a great way to save money when you’re out of the habit of buying those big-ticket items.

Read on for how to use your card to buy the following:MedicationsFor a single month of a prescription, use up to $60 off your next 12-month prescription.

This discount is applied on your next purchase.

This is a one-time savings of $60 for a single medication order of up to 100mg.

You can also add up to 10 additional medications to your account at once.

This is also applied on each purchase.

Medical suppliesTo use the medicine card, enter the total amount of your prescription into the blue box on the left side of the screen, and click the green “Save” button to save the amount of medication you want to purchase.

You can add up a maximum of 10 medicines to your card at a time.

This card is only valid on prescriptions purchased with a pharmacy card.

You must use the card to make a single prescription purchase or make a 12-Month prescription purchase with your pharmacy card, and you cannot buy more than 10 medications.

You must also complete a 12 month prescription purchase.

There’s no maximum price limit.

You cannot use this card for purchases of up 1,500 grams or more, and no purchases are allowed on the card for products that are not listed on the drug card.

This item cannot be redeemed for cash.

The card can only be used to purchase one drug prescription at a cost of $30.

You cannot use it to buy more drugs.

You are not eligible to make an automatic purchase on the medicine or medical supplies card.

The pharmacy discount cards are valid on the following medications:Oral contraceptivesOral Implanon (OII) and oral Contraceptive (OC)Oral Vasalgel (OVS) and OVSOral Depo-Provera (DUP)Oval Contraceptives for Women (OCWP) and Ovarian Steroids (OVSB)Ovarian Contraception (OC2)Overtime Plan (OP)OvaMed (OVM) and Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)Ototrexate (OTX) and Extended-Release Plan (ERP)MedicationsYou can use the Medicine Card to purchase up to five medications at a single time, and these medications cannot be used for more than $50 each.

You may also add 10 additional prescriptions to your pharmacy account at the same time.

This card is valid on all prescription purchases.

There are no maximum amounts allowed for the prescriptions.

This item cannot include any drug that is not listed in the card.

There is no maximum amount allowed for prescriptions.

There are no limits on how many times you can buy drugs on the same card.

If you use the drug on more than one prescription, you will need to add all of them to the card before you can complete the purchase.

This may be done through the purchase of more than five prescriptions.

There can only use up one medicine card per day.

You will not be able to use this drug card to purchase medications on multiple occasions.

You may not use the Card to pay for any of the following prescription items:Depo-Habortifacient (DHL) for womenOral Plan (ODH) and Ortho-Ovulatory (OOT) drugsOral Ointment (OINT) for menThe card is a debit card.

You are responsible for paying the full amount of the prescription you purchase with the card, but you will not need to pay interest on the amount you spend on the prescription.

This product can only qualify for a maximum purchase of $500.

You do not have to complete a prescription to qualify for this product.

If you buy more prescription items than you can manage on the Medicine Cards, you must contact the card issuer directly to make payment arrangements.

If your prescription item is not on the cards, the card cannot be charged back.

The Card will expire within 14 days from purchase.

To use this product:If your purchase qualifies for a minimum of $50, you may use up 1 of the $50 purchases to make the purchase on a separate card.

For a maximum $500 purchase, you can add 1 additional card to your medicine account.

You’ll be charged $50 for each additional card added to your Medicine Card.

You do not need a Pharmacy Card for the purchase, but your card can be used at other points of sale.

You’ll have to pay the full purchase amount on each card, unless you opt to receive a rebate.

You will not qualify for an auto-refund if your card is lost, stolen, or otherwise destroyed during the purchase process.

This applies to any purchase you make on a card, including an OMD card.

If the card is stolen, damaged, or lost during the cardholder’s normal course of business


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