Benjaminzer pharmacy keeper: I lost my job over the sale

Benzer pharmacy owner Avigdor Benzer, 50, says he was fired for selling medicine that was not kosher.

A local rabbi’s letter in December 2016 demanded that Benzer be punished for selling non-Kosher medicines, including products from the Jewish National Fund and an anti-diarrhea medication called N-10, which is used to treat diabetes.

Benzer said he sold his company in July.

The rabbi sent the letter to a senior executive of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Arlington, Texas, and told him to get the sale stopped, the newspaper reported.

Benzers letter to the executive said that the sale of non-kosher medicine was not allowed in the Jewish community and that he was being punished for that, according to the article.

Benzman was fired in July 2017.

The Jewish Community Council, which represents about 2,200 Jewish institutions in the United States, said in a statement that it was “shocked” to learn of Benzer’s termination.

Benzeros letter was sent on August 11, 2017, according.

A week later, Benzer was interviewed by the Dallas Morning News, the paper reported.

The paper reported that Benzero said he had been told by the council executive that he should be fired and that his sales of the non-food items would be stopped.

Benzaeros letter to Dallas Morning said he would “continue to fight” the decision, and said he hoped to remain in business.

In a statement to the newspaper, Benzera said that his family and employees “are being targeted for not selling products that are kosher.”

The Dallas Morning news reported that the council said that Benzaero was fired after the letter was written.

Benzoera has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Dallas seeking to force the council to pay damages to the Jewish-owned company.

The council’s executive director said in the letter that he had spoken to Benzaera’s son, who said his father did not have a problem with his son selling nonfood items.

In response, Benzaery said that while he had no problem with selling nonmedical items, he was concerned about the rabbi’s letters.

Benzeera said he is considering filing a lawsuit against the council, but said he was not prepared to take legal action at this point.

He said he planned to keep working and would “keep fighting” until the council stops selling nonhealth products, according, the Dallas Star-Telegram reported.


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