Why do I need to buy reeds?

When I asked some friends if they were aware of any pharmacy chains in Melbourne that have reeds in stock, all of them were stunned.

“I’ve been looking around for that, they’re really expensive, but I’ve never had one,” said Sydney pharmacist Ben Chisna.

“They’re super-high-quality but expensive, and you’ll get a headache from using them.”

But not everyone is as confident about the reeds.

The Victorian Government has promised to increase reeds supply by 100 per cent by 2019, with an aim to have them available in all pharmacies by 2020.

And Melbourne’s health authority is already recommending the use of reeds to help people with coughs and colds, with the Victorian Health Protection Agency stating that reeds are one of the “most effective treatments for these conditions”.

Victoria Health Protection Officer Michelle Stokes said the reed is not a “safe and effective treatment option”.

“The evidence from clinical trials shows that the efficacy of reed use is very limited, and there are some clinical trials that have shown the efficacy is very poor,” Ms Stokes told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“You’ve got people who are not able to get the reindeer antiseptic to work because they don’t have a hygienist, so it’s not an effective treatment.”

In fact, if you’ve got coughs, then you don’t want to be using reeds because you’re putting yourself at risk for infection.

“Reeds can also be very toxic and if you don ‘t use them, you don t need to use them.”

The Victorian Government is considering a plan to introduce a new drug that uses reeds as a delivery system, and to create a $4.2 million fund for reeds distribution in Victoria.

But, despite these measures, it’s unclear if reeds will be an option for everyone, and the new drug is not expected to be available until 2019.

The reeds have become a major issue for many Victorian residents as they struggle to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Melbourne resident Jessica Dickson said she struggled to find a reeds and cough medicine she could use.

“I was really struggling, I’d get colds from my nose, and then my cough was terrible, so I’d go to the doctor and they’d say I need reeds,” she said.

“And I’m like, ‘what’s the difference between reeds?'”

Jessica Dickson has spent almost a year trying to find reeds she could take to treat her cough.

She’s now one of many Victoria residents to be unable to afford reeds, and she said it was a huge issue.

“[I’m] trying to save money so that I can get out of my house,” she told 7.30.

“If you go to your local pharmacist and they’re going to give you the right stuff for your cough, then it’s like, okay, I’ll do that.”

But then if they’re just going to send you something that’s going to be ineffective, you can’t use it.

“When the Victorian Government first announced plans to introduce reeds for coughs in 2016, it claimed that more than 700,000 reeds were already in circulation in Victoria, but the actual number is likely to be higher.

A Victorian Health Department spokesperson told 7:30 the number of reets in circulation was “very low”, but the reet manufacturers were “very much aware of the need for more supply”.”

This is an important issue and we are working closely with the manufacturers and the Health Protection Authority,” the spokesperson said.

What are reeds used for?

Reeds are a form of pain relief, and are used as a cough or cold remedy in a number of different ways.

It can be used as an anti-inflammatory by taking a small amount of it to treat a sore throat.

Reets are also used to treat sore throats, to prevent infection and to prevent congestion.

In cases of pneumonia, reeds can be administered in a cough syrup form, which can also help treat colds.

If you have a cough, or need a cough medication, you may find it helpful to use reeds instead of an antiseptics or ibuprofen.

However, if the reets are used for a cough and you’re using a cough treatment that’s causing pain, you could find that the medication can cause side effects such as constipation.

And if you need to take a cough medicine that contains reeds but it’s also causing pain you could also find that it could cause stomach upset.

Should you be concerned?

Victoria’s Health Protection Minister said reeds had been used as cough and cold remedies for “a very long time”, and that the health authority had “very recently identified the need to review the effectiveness of reeding”. He


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